Welcome & thanks for visiting. This blog is dedicated to helping you make informed choices about technology to help you and your loved ones maintain a fulfilling life as years advance. The internet has profoundly changed  the way many people shop & socialise and the press is full of articles about the internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their impact on the economy.  So how will this technology affect ageing and how can we use this connected world of mobile apps and gadgets to improve our experience as we and our loved ones age – how do we age smartly?

Another important question is how is technology being used by health and social care to look after us as we age? 10 years ago my parents had a remote monitoring system fitted and it struck me that it was quite basic compared to smart home gadgets that interested me, the great advantage was that simplicity was cheap and reliable.   Internet connected monitors are now much more reliable & cheaper so what is being done to improve care with modern tools? And while that is being done is my data and my identity safe?

I’ve worked with internet products since the time of modems and am optimistic about the benefits technology can bring to older people.  However I don’t have rose tinted glasses and issues of security, privacy and usability (to name a few) need to be constantly addressed.

Please ask any questions you have about products to support ageing (sometimes known as assisted living, telecare) especially if they connect to the internet or to a smart phone.  In return please add your comments to say what you think about smart products today and what you want from  them to help you in the future.

Thank you!

Jonathan Shaw, August 17